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Meet Chelsea


Chelsea is a board-certified family practitioner with a background in functional medicine, integrative primary care, and critical care. She is also certified in hormone testing and balancing. 


Chelsea’s most significant training was completed at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Columbus State University- with an emphasis in Integrative Medicine, and Loma Linda University- through the Whole-Person Care Preceptorship.  Chelsea has received additional training in epigenetics, autoimmune disorders, and nutrition through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Functional Medicine University.  


Chelsea’s personal battle with overcoming autoimmune disease has helped her to develop a deeper understanding of the whole-person approach to healing.  She personally understands the connection between chronic illness and lifestyle choices, environmental exposure, and re-balancing body systems.  Her path to healing has ignited her passion for helping others.  Chelsea takes pride in having the ability to empower patients with more treatment options by utilizing both conventional and alternative approaches. 


She is passionate about helping individuals physically, emotionally, and spiritually by partnering with patients on their health journey. She strives to address the root cause of their illness rather than treating symptoms alone.


When Chelsea is not working, she can be found spending time with her husband and 3 fur children, singing, scuba diving, traveling, or exploring the great outdoors of Oregon!

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Mission statement:

Voda’s mission is to partner with patients to provide high quality health-care that addresses the whole person to examine the root cause of an illness, promote optimal wellness, and increase longevity.



Our vision is to help you reach your health goals, decrease chronic illness, and prevent hospital admissions.


About us:​ 

We are privately owned practice that aims to run more efficiently by reducing unnecessary tasks in order to increase time with you.  We have done this by choosing innovative systems and policies to work smarter and give you the time that you deserve.  See our FAQ page to understand how we are different from other clinics.

What Voda believes:

  • A patient-provider partnership is vital for true healing.

  • Everyone is on a different journey.  Our goal is to partner with you wherever you are to help you reach your health goals. 

  • Treatment should be  evidence-based, innovative, and patient centered.

  • Everyone is unique and needs to be approached with an individualized plan of care.

  • Appointments should be more thorough than what is currently being offered.

  • We encourage healthy lifestyle changes and preventative medicine.  


Our Facility

Voda Integrative Medial Clinic

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