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Women's Health

Women's Health Services Offered

Voda Integrative Medical Clinic

More Information about Women's Health

We believe that every woman has unique needs. Voda's goal is to provide you with holistic, personalized care throughout each stage of your life. 

We offer various types of screenings and preventative tests that will help women thrive in the lifestyle they want to live.

As women age, their hormones fluctuate which can cause hormone imbalances and unwanted symptoms.

These symptoms can be very uncomfortable for most women and lead to undesirable changes in the body.

If you believe you are experiencing women's health challenges or have questions about women's health, please contact us below or call us at Voda Medical in Newberg, Oregon.

Women's Health

PRP/PRF for aesthetics

PRP/PRF for sexual function

Bioidentical hormones

Pelvic and breast exams

Pap smears + HPV testing

Gynecological health


Menstrual irregularities


Female orgasm disorder

Urinary incontinence

Birth control

Reproductive and sexual health

STI screening and testing

Wellness exams

and more

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