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Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy Services Offered

Voda Integrative Medical Clinic

Why Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition can be complex but our goal at Voda Medical is to partner with you on this journey and help make things simple. We offer specialized testing to help you fine tune your nutrition and live an optimal life. 

Voda also offers targeted vitamin iv therapy and nutrient injections to meet your nutritional needs.  

You can sign up for our lifestyle program that will help you build a foundation by working on the 4 pillars of lifestyle (nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep) to help you live the healthy life that you want.

If you want to schedule nutrition therapy or a lifestyle consult at Voda Medical in Newberg,  please contact us below.

Nutrition Therapy

IV vitamin nutrient therapy

Vitamin injection therapy

Nutritional deficiencies 

Weight loss

Food allergies/ Food sensitivities

Insulin resistance

Irritable bowl disease

Gastric reflux disease

Autoimmune disease

Hormone imbalance

Cholesterol management

High blood pressure


Specialized Nutrient testing 

and more

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