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IV Cocktail Menu

Injection Menu

IV Cocktail Menu

IVs provide up to 100 % vitamin bioavaiability compared to 15-20 % with oral supplementation. Bioavailability is the ability of a nutrient substance to be absorbed and used by the body.

Wondering which IV to choose?

What is IV Nutrient Therapy?

Our IV menu consists of various different IV options to receive hydration, nutrients, and other supplements directly into your bloodstream. Ask us about our specialized nutrient testing to determine what your deficiencies are. 

What if I take supplements already?

Oral medication or supplement absorption can be dramatically reduced to about 15-20% bioavailability after it reaches the bloodstream.  Because the nutrients are distributed directly into your bloodstream at 100% biovailablility, the IV route allows you to achieve thereputic levels that you will never reach with oral supplementaiton.

IV Goals

Our IV therapy offered at Voda Medical in Newberg, Oregon is designed to enhance your health by improving energy and performance.

Including but not limited to; healthier skin, improved brain function, improved immune system, and increase in metabolism to assist with energy and weight loss.

IV nutrient therapy can also help support specific ailments you are experiencing such as fatigue, jet-lag, hang-over, migraine, and more.  

Please contact Voda Medical Clinic in Newberg, Oregon if you are currently struggling with performance fatigue or you are in need of overall recovery.

IV Therapy 


Immune support

Performance ehhancement


Low moods

Anxiety support

Hangover relief


Weight loss

Overall recovery

Wound/Tissue healing

and more

Do you feel hungover ?


Do you need recovery from an injury or athletic performance?

Tired or exhausted?

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Are you sick or do you want immune support?

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Are you experiencing headaches?