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Men's Health

Men's Health Services Offered

Voda Integrative Medical Clinic

More Information About Men's Health

Voda offers many health services specialized for men. We are committed to helping you feel and perform your very best.

We offer various types of screenings and preventative tests that will help men thrive in the lifestyle they want to live.

As men age, their hormones fluctuate which can cause hormone imbalances and unwanted symptoms.  More specifically, the affects of declining testosterone in men can result in an overall decline in performance.

With hormonal services being one of our specialties, the dominant male hormone called testosterone declines at a rate of 1% a year after the age of 30. 

If you believe you are experiencing men's health challenges please contact us below or call us at Voda Medical in Newberg, Oregon.

Men's Health

PRP/PRF for hair loss

PRP/PRF for sexual function

Bioidentical hormones

Testosterone replacement

Performance enhancement

Physicals and wellness exams

Prostate health

Testicular health

Erectile dysfunction

Hair loss

Lack of motivation

Reproductive and sexual health

STI screening and testing

and more

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