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5 Steps To A Well-Balanced Life

1. CLEAN UP YOUR DIET: It is estimated that 80% of the body's immune system and 90% of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive tract. It is important to make sure that you are consuming foods that are right for your body and not harming the gut mucosa. This could include anything from food allergies, food

sensitivities, infections, or environmental toxins.

2. IMPROVE YOUR NUTRITION: Consuming the right amount of macro and micro-nutrients are necessary for your cells to function properly. With our soil being depleted of vital nutrients, it is becoming more difficult to consume necessary vitamins and nutrients. Choosing the right food sources and supplementing deficiencies is imperative.

3. BALANCE YOUR HORMONES: As I always tell my patients, "It's not fair, but our hormones control us". Hormones are about so much more than mood and reproduction. While these factors are important, hormones are also necessary for metabolism, function, rebuilding of tissue, energy, and more. Having an imbalance of hormones can cause an array of health complications.

4. IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP HYGIENE: Sleep is important for your body to restore, make more cellular energy, and rebuild. Everyone has unique sleep needs or requirements. Know what your limits are, learn to say no to being over-committed, and make sleep a priority in your life.

5. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR SPIRITUAL HEALTH: This is often overlooked and it is more important than any other area of your life. Material and physical things can waste away but no one can take your spiritual health away. True wellness starts from the inside out.

Stay well,

Voda Medical Clinic

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