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Meet our Nurse Practitioner Chelsea Deselms!

Who is Chelsea DeSelms?

She is the founder and medical provider at Voda! With experience as a Nurse Practitioner under her belt and a passion for impacting the lives of her patients, Chelsea is ready to help the Newberg community.

She has a background in critical care, primary care, women’s health, integrative medicine, and she strives to find the root cause of disease instead of merely treating its symptoms. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and ready to listen.

What is Chelsea’s practice like?

Chelsea enjoys merging integrative and conventional medicine to better meet the needs of her patients. Her own autoimmune disease has increased her passion for nutrition, research, and motivation to stay up to date on the factors that impact our metabolism and overall health.

Chelsea is also experienced and certified in hormone testing & balancing and only prescribes bioidentical hormones sourced from highly reputable compounding pharmacies. In addition, she has also received additional training in epigenetics, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, and nutrient injection therapy through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Functional Medicine University.

Chelsea and the Voda team understand that health is a journey and are equipped to join you on it. Stop by our Open House in our new building located at 440 Villa Road on Saturday, January 4th from 10 am to 2 pm to meet her!

Stay well,

Cristina Ortiz

Marketing Director Intern

Voda Integrative Medical Clinic

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